Richenda Gambles

Richenda Gambles is a PhD student at the Open University and is supervised by Dr Janet Fink and Professor John Clarke. Her research focuses on the first few years of first time parenting and explores relationships between policy discourses, popular cultural representations and personal experiences of parenting. The research makes use of Raymond Williams’ ‘structure of feeling’ theoretical and analytical framework to: a) locate a mood, atmosphere or set of sensibilities relating to parenting; and b) reflect on how a structure of feeling approach enriches understanding about the presence, power and position of policy in parents’ lives. She uses this framework to explore selected UK policy documents, a range of popular cultural texts including Supernanny, and a number of contemporary parenting advice manuals alongside interviews carried out with first time parents.  She is currently writing up her research and is keen to explore how she can extend her analysis of her data sources by considering the role of the visual in the production and circulation of ideals and expectations relating to parenting and how the visual is being used to perpetuate or mitigate understandings and experiences of social inequalities relating to parenting.


Department of Social Policy and Criminology
Faculty of Social Sciences
The Open University
Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA

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