Dr. Janet Fink

Janet Fink is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at The Open University. Her research interests fall into three areas. The first is concerned with social policy, welfare practices and popular culture in 20th century Britain and the ways in which problematized and/or silenced family relationships have been understood and portrayed in film and photography. The second strand brings her interests in visual data and visual methodologies into the present, particularly through questions about the value of visual resources as 'evidence' in the policy arena and their potential for addressing and challenging the nature and experiences of social inequalities. The third area of her research is in the contemporary meanings and experiences of policy and personal relationships. This work is at the centre of an ESRC funded project, Enduring Love? Couple relationships in contemporary Britain (RES-063-23-3056).

She is on the editorial board of Red Feather (http://www.redfeatherjournal.org/) and her publications include: Fink, J. (2012) 'Walking the neighbourhood, seeing the small details of community life: reflections from a photography walking tour', Critical Social Policy, 32 (1) and Fink, J. (2011) 'For better or for worse? The dilemmas of unmarried motherhood in popular mid-twentieth century British film and fiction', Women's History Review, 20 (1) 145-60.

Department of Social Policy and Criminology,
Faculty of Social Sciences
The Open University
Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA

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